NURSERY OPENS June 15 With New Hours

& Covid-19 Protocols & Procedures


Monday - Friday




Toddlers: $2.50/Hour
Infants: $4.00/Hour

2 Hour Maximum

No other children will be allowed in the nursery except for the ratio of kids that are reserved for that time slot.

•5 toddlers, 1 infant to two staff per shift. (Infants will remain in the infant room.)
•All staff will wear masks just as NH day cares do now. (Please wear a mask around your child so they are accustom to seeing a person with a mask to make them feel at ease.)
•All children will be screened before they are allowed to enter the nursery.  Any temp over 100.4 will not be able to stay.
•No walk ins will be allowed.  Reservations are required for the time slots listed above. Closed Sundays. 
•No diaper changes.  We will come get you if the need arises.
•All toys are one time use and will be put into the washed bin for cleaning  before the next reserved time slot comes in.
•Common areas will be washed or sprayed with disinfectant between each reserved time slot.
•The floor will be washed between shifts in the afternoon and the rooms “fogged” with disinfectant every evening after closing.

We have missed all of you and look forward to caring for your little ones safely as we all navigate this new normal.

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