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Hampshire Hills Lesson Programs

Parent & Child

Ages: 6 mo - 2.9 years old

Parents and their child are in the water together for either their first introduction to water or for their beginning their transition to learning basic water skills. A combination of songs and skills are taught to children and parents to create a knowledge basis that gets not only children but even parents comfortable in the water.


Preschool Fish Program

Ages: 3 yr - 4.9 yr old

This program is geared towards young children who are ready to learn basic water and safety skills while building confidence in the water and for younger children who are too young to be placed with older children but have advanced out of parent and child classes and are ready to begin their swimming experience. Groups work with an instructor in the water without parents to gain motion and new skills. Learn - to - Swim Program Ages: 5 yrs old and up This program is for older children to begin their swimming experience or continue the growth of their swimming skills. We offer levels 1 - 5 to reach swimmers of all abilities. From our most introductory class to our most advanced lap style swimming our instructors support participants in fulfilling their potential while also teaching them lifelong safety skills. Private Lessons For all ages and ability levels We offer 1 - on - 1 instruction on a more personalized basis. Private Lessons can be scheduled around your convenience and really focus on a swimmer's improvement. Our instructors are here to help with things from all around improvement to working on specific skills. Our lessons come in two packages: 5 or 10 pack of lessons. Each lesson is 30 minutes and can be done one or more times a week based on the goal of the participant.

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Group Lesson Sessions


1/week lesson sessions (6-week session, 6 lessons)
This meets at the same class time once per week for 6 weeks
Member $65.00
Non-Member $95.00

Session 6: June 25- Aug 18
  Priority Registration: June 18
  Member Registration: June 19
  Open Enrollment: June 20-24


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1/day Lesson Sessions (2 week sessions MON - THURS, 8 lessons)
This meets at the same time for 30 minutes Monday through Thursday for 2 weeks straight
Members $85.00
Non-Members $125.00

Session 1: June 18 -  June 28
  Priority Registration: June 11
  Member Registration: June 12
  Open Enrollment: June 13-17

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How To Register For Our Swim Lessons

It’s as easy as 1...2...3!


Step 1: Decide which lesson program you would like to register for: every day, once a week, or private/semi private.

Step 2: Fill out the corresponding online registration form during the registration session for that program. Registration sessions for each of our upcoming sessions is listed above.

Step 3: Wait for Aquatics Management to reach out to you for confirmation and payment.

Online Registration Forms

Click Here to Register for: Once a Week Lessons

(Registration periods listed above in Upcoming Classes)

Click Here to Register for: Every Day Lessons

(Registration periods listed above in Upcoming Classes)


Click Here to Inquire About Private Swim Lessons

(No registration period - can be started at any time!)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if I am not sure what level my child would be but I would like to enter them into group swim lessons?

A: You can refer to our class description page or you can email/call us and we can set up a 15 minute complimentary appointment for your child to be evaluated prior to beginning classes!


Q: What do the different kinds of enrollment mean? What is priority registration?

A: The 3 types of enrollment we have are: Priority, Member, and Open. Priority registration is for anyone who is currently enrolled in the session prior to the one being registered for is able to begin registering the earliest (EX: so if you are looking to register for session 5 you must have been enrolled in session 4 to qualify for this). Member enrollment is early registration for anyone with an active club membership (members also receive a discount on the lesson cost!) Open registration is for ANYONE who would like to register.


Q: What happens if we have to miss a class?

A: For class consistency purposes we do not allow any make-up classes to be made. If there is inclimate weather the class will be re-held the week following the projected last week of the session. If you have any questions regarding our policies you can Click Here to view our policies and reminders.