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Member Success Stories

  • To say Hampshire Hills has changed my life and that of my family, is an understatement.  We joined the club after the birth of our first child at the request of my wife, Becky, who wanted to lose her pregnancy weight.  HH quickly became a part of her life, but it took me another year or so.  I was sitting in my office one day when an email introducing "Commit To Get Fit" came in; something about the email resonated with me and I decided to join.  The start of the class was the beginning of a 2 year life & body change. (Over 75 pound weight loss and high fitness level achieved) The program was a good mix of education and exercise that yielded great results for me, but it didn't end on the last class.  I continued the changes in diet I had made and explored all the exercise options the club offered.  I started with small group training through the eXcel program (~2 years and running), some Personal Training to achieve a goal, and most recently Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning.....all this while still attending the group fitness classes.  Those who knew me before the change do not recognize me and my doctor was stunned by the change in health (weight, body fat %, blood work, etc). I feel very fortunate that my wife and I made the club (and wonderful staff) part of our family activity,  as it sets a wonderful example for our children.  It is good for them to see physical activity and health eating as a normal part of life.  It is so refreshing to bring them to Tiebreakers and Wickets and be able to order of a kid's menu that is actually healthy!    ~Drew Kellner
  • I have been going to the Group Ex classes since August of 2012. Over the past 8 months I have lost 78 pounds.  I recall going to my first class, Body Attack taught by McKinley. Prior to going to this class I was never one to participate in Group Ex classes. Since that first class I was then introduced to Rich and his Spinning class, Body Pump, Body Combat, CxWorks and the occasional Shred class.  The staff and Instructors at Hampshire Hills (McKinley, Rich, Kim, Wendy and Roque) are second to none.  If it weren’t for them I would not have been able to lose the weight and improve my health.  Thank you Hampshire Hills!  ~Laird Goolsby
  • I have worked with Shelby since he first started at Hampshire Hills.    I am a full-time working mother of two.  I travel on occasion for business.   I also have a complicated medical history and have restrictions that get tweaked every so often.  Shelby met with me to understand my goals and together we developed and continue to evolve a plan that is tailored to me, my goals and my needs.   He has helped prepare me to walk several half marathons and gets me in great skiing shape each winter.  We talk through whatever medical changes I have as they come up, and Shelby modifies my workouts to make them fit accordingly.  He creates a full body workout for me, pushes and challenges me when needed, and provides me with ways I can get a similar workout at home if my kids are sick or in a hotel room when I am traveling.

    When I first met Shelby, my goal was to be as strong and fit as I could possibly be given my medical history and to be prepared for whatever physical challenge would come my way in the coming years.  Since I started working with Shelby I have enjoyed great health and well being and have lived a fantastic quality of life.  I’ve hit a few speed bumps along the way, but have overcome them with my doctors' and Shelby’s professional coaching and guidance.  My doctors tell me to keep on doing whatever it is I am doing.  I plan to do that with Shelby pushing me along the way. ~Lara Maguire
  • It’s 4:30 in the morning, do you know where your Mom is?  Kathie Rougeau's family certainly does: She's out running with a friend.  Five miles, five days a week, starting at Hampshire Hills Sports and Fitness Club, where she's a member, and ending there.  For Rougeau and her family, Hampshire Hills is like a second home.  “I actually moved to Milford so I could join Hampshire Hills,” she said, reflecting upon her move up from Massachusetts. “We started out in Nashua until we could find a place we wanted to live and while we were looking, friends took us here one night and we fell in love with it. We played volleyball and squash, and we moved to Milford so we could be members here.”

    Rougeau has always been fit so it's no surprise that her three sons and her daughter are, too. And, she said, Hampshire Hills gets a great deal of the credit for that. Her oldest son, Lee Barbiasz, played football for Northern Colorado and has played preseason for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Son number two, Dwight, is an Olympic Trials high jumper for the University of Florida. Son Jamie Holder was a star basketball player at Milford High and is a starting guard at Concordia College. Her daughter, Olivia Rougeau, 15, is into volleyball and track. “She's a freshman this year,” Rougeau said. “This past season in track she won the high jump at the state finals…. so she's addicted.”

    Rougeau has always been fit, always healthy. “I wanted to stay as young as I can,” Kathie said. “It's just one of those drives that I have inside of me.” The kids got into it at a young age and all of them participated in something – sometimes a lot of things – at Hampshire Hills. “Dwight at one time said to me that he really believed it was Hampshire Hills that gave them the extra edge to go off to be the athletes that they are,” she said. “This is how they grew up. They grew up in a community (Hampshire Hills) that was all about health and fitness…but it was always fun. This is what they know; they learned to swim there, they tried every sport and camp. This is what they knew growing up.”

    It is a place where they could have everything at their fingertips, she said. “When they were ready to start weight training, they could go in and do that,” she said. “When Dwight had a hip injury that he needed to rehab, he could put the floaters on and get in the pool and run. He would just run in the pool. He would never have had that opportunity any place else and it actually helped him get stronger and rehabbed him faster. “Lee, when he comes home, well, over at the Hampshire Dome they have the equipment he can use to lift and work out. There's no place else that has the same great equipment as his school: He can come home to the Dome and they have exactly what he needs. Occasionally Lee would travel to Boston to train with Mike Boyle who trains so many pro athletes…but now Mike has even brought his MBSC program to the Hampshire Dome. So lucky for us!”

    Fitness has helped her and her children remain close, she believes. “It's what we have in common. They're very proud of what I do, and that makes me happy.” But to her, Hampshire Hills is more than just a place to work out. She loves the social aspects of it, too. “We have our morning buddies,” she said. “Like this morning, I didn't come in and later in the day I got a text that said, 'We missed you.' It's all the people we've met, great people in the morning. We're just all friendly and we chit-chat and we get our work done, but if someone's not there, we notice.”

    It's not just the morning that finds her at Hampshire Hills. “At night I do various classes,” Rougeau said. “I do combat class, step class, body pump, I also swim and bike.”  Oh, and as Chief Financial Officer for Eastern Forest Products in Lyndeborough, Rougeau also goes to work five days a week. But, she said, she doesn't watch much television. “I find if I sit down too long, I fall asleep.”  Rougeau, who is 49, has no plans to stop her workout schedule. “I plan to do it as long as I can,” she said. “I find that the benefits are incredible. I think it's a great thing for your mind, too. Hampshire Hills invented a program they named Forever Fit and that is just exactly what I want to be.”  ~Kathie Rougeau

  • I have been athletic my entire life….Triathlons, road races, skiing, ice climbing, skating…,I loved it all. And then thanks to a genetic blood disorder everything changed. Two strokes at 50 left me with the simple challenges in movement that we all take for grated. I was then introduced to Brian. We have been working together for for 2 years now and it has been nothing but progress and pleasure. He has been creative, insightful, commanding when I need it, and patient. His knowledge of my physical and neurological issues have help me intellectualize my struggles. I will continue working with Brian for he provides a great full body program with special attention to my deficits. Brian is more than a trainer…he is my cheerleader and my friend. ~ Lynda Shortt