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We ask that your child be kept home if any of the following symptoms occur. Temperature, Persistent Cough, Diarrhea, Vomiting, or unknown rash. To help us inform parents of potential health risks please report any cases of a contagious disease immediately and keep your child at home, e.g. chicken pox, strep throat, lice, viral infections or conjunctivitis. If your child is going to be absent please call Camp Ponemah at 673-7123 ext. 272.

Health Forms

Health Form


The Health form is needed on or before your child’s first day of camp. If your child is due for a physical (usually annually around child’s birthday), then bring the form with you to be completed by your child’s physician. If they recently had a physical then drop the form at your Doctors to be completed and forward to Rachel Robichaud. Any standard physical form is fine for camp. The state requires that each camper have on file at camp a list of most recent immunizations. If your child is exempt for immunization a letter from your Doctor must accompany the physical form for your child’s file stating exemption.


If your child will be on medication while at camp, it MUST be in the original prescription bottle and given to the morning check in staff. For your convenience you may provide us with enough doses for the week and the bottle will be returned on Friday. A medication authorization release form must be filled out the first day we receive the medication. The form is valid for the summer unless the medication or doses change. This release will provide us with accurate information as to when to administer the correct dosage to your child. Forms are available from the morning check in person or can be mailed to you if your child rides the bus, call Rachel Robichaud at 673-7123 ext. 272, to receive a form through the mail. No child will be given medication without the authorization form

Rainy Days

Many times Mother Nature can give us a few rainy days but at Camp Ponemah our daily plans never change...except everything happens indoors! All the activities listed happen “weather” or not. We have access to almost 3 acres of indoor space to make your campers day just as great as being outside (except for the sun).

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Camp Tuition is due in full on May 31, 2012, regardless of which session /s your camper will be attending. No refunds will be made for withdrawal, dismissals, failure to attend or incomplete attendance.

The Director reserves the right to withdraw any camper when in his/her judgment the campers behavior interferes with the rights and safety of others, the smooth functioning of the group or activity. In such cases no refund will be given.