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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 404 • Milford, NH 03055

Club Staff

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Name Position Phone Email
Cate, Christine Human Resources Director 603-673-7123 x203 ccate@hampshirehills.com
Curro, McKinley Assistant General Manager 603-673-7123 x440 mcurro@hampshirehills.com
Donohue, Jody Director of Business Development 603-673-7123, x274 jdonohue@hampshirehills.com
Fino, Ilona Director of Accounting 603-673-7123 x282 ifino@hampshirehills.com
Hagar, Eric Maintenance Coordinator 603-673-7123 x230 ehagar@hampshirehills.com
Holder, Laurie Owner/Tennis Pro 603-673-7123 x264 hillslr@aol.com
Holder, Rick Owner/General Manager 603-673-7123 x213 rholder@hampshirehills.com
Sapienza, Thomas J. Director of Operations, Hampshire Dome GM 603-673-7123 x238 tsapienza@hampshirehills.com


Name Position Phone Email
Department, Aquatics Aquatics Coordinator 603-673-7123 x204 aquaticsmanagement.hh@gmail.com


Name Position Phone Email
Brown, Chris Personal Trainer 603-673-7123 x685 cbrown@hampshirehills.com
Cadorette, Brandon Personal Trainer 603-673-7123 x447 bcadorette@hampshirehills.com
Curro, McKinley Fitness Director 603-673-7123 x440 mcurro@hampshirehills.com
Jarnagin, Tynel Group Fitness Coordinator 603-673-7123 x244 tjarnagin@hampshirehills.com
Young, Shelby Personal Trainer 603-673-7123 x667 syoung@hampshirehills.com
Mace, Wendy Trainer & Forever Fit/Senior Program Coordinator 603-673-7123 x226 wmace@hampshirehills.com

Food & Beverage

Name Position Phone Email
Bourgault, Dave Head Bartender 603-673-7123 x232
Graham, Jessica Café and Restaurant 603-673-7123 x224 jgraham@hampshirehills.com

Junior Activities/Camp Ponemah

Name Position Phone Email
Desmarais, Lauren Early Childhood/Junior Progam Director 603-673-7123 x272 ldesmarais@hampshirehills.com
Tremblay, Ellen Junior Activities Assistant 603-673-7123 x206 etremblay@hampshirehills.com


Name Position Phone Email
Curro, McKinley Membership Director 603-673-7123 x292 mcurro@hampshirehills.com
Friedman, Mara Membership Representative 603-673-7123 x448 mfriedman@hampshirehills.com
Nadeau, Regan Membership Representative 603-673-7123 x300 rnadeau@hampshirehills.com
Perrin, Lindsay Membership Representative 603-673-7123 x214 lperrin@hampshirehills.com
Redd, Christine Membership Representative 603-673-7123 x724 credd@hampshirehills.com
Shaw, Sheila Membership Administrator 603-673-7123 x688


Name Position Phone Email
Andres, Alejandro Tennis Director 603-673-7123 x604 aandres@hampshirehills.com
Holder, Alex Head Tennis Pro 603-673-7123 x217 alexdholder@yahoo.com
Morrissey, Marty Head Junior Tennis Pro 603.673.7123, x661 marty@hampshirehills.com
Sawyer, Leslie Tennis Admin 603-673-7123 x265 lsawyer@hampshirehills.com