50 Emerson Road • Milford, New Hampshire 03055 • (603) 673-7123 • hhinfo@hampshirehills.com
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 404 • Milford, NH 03055

Thomas J. Sapienza

Director of Operations, Hampshire Dome GM

Phone: 603-673-7123 x238
Email: tsapienza@hampshirehills.com


  • Hampshire Hills Director of Operations since 1992.
  • CPA with a BS in Accounting and MBA from UConn.
  • Spinning Instructor since 1996 -currently licensed by Mad Dogg Athletics.

Classes I currently teach

  • Spinning


  • Family. Fitness of Mind, Body, and Spirit which includes learning, improving, helping, movement, organic/natural food, and faith in God. Also enjoy reading, snowshoeing, biking, functional exercise, the Yankees, and Springsteen.

Why I love Fitness

  • I have been involved in sports and fitness as a hobby my entire life. Fitness for me has always been a 24/7 lifestyle and has helped define who I am. To be employed full time in the fitness industry since 1992 has been a great blessing. Working to make a difference in peoples lives through my role at Hampshire Hills is a humbling and rewarding experience that I would not trade for anything. I am proud and thankful to be included with such an incredible contingent of Group Exercise Instructors.